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IPWEA NAMS.PLUS Asset Management is an initiative of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA) to assist Councils and other organisations who provide services from infrastructure to develop a 'core' asset management plan and implement sustainable asset management practices.

Sustainable asset management practice includes an asset management plan covering a period of 20 years and a long term financial plan and sustainable funding plan covering at least 10 years.

The IPWEA has developed tools and templates based on the IPWEA International Management Manual for use by asset managers.  The suite of templates and guidelines forming IPWEA NAMS.PLUS Asset Management was developed for Councils and other organisations providing services from infrastructure assets, by IPWEA and Jeff Roorda & Associates using the IPWEA International Infrastructure Management Manual.

Further details of the IPWEA NAMS.PLUS Asset Management and other financial sustainability initiatives are available via the link (Sustainable AM Pathway)

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